About Us

Established in 2005, Meidi Electronics is a certified remanufacturing service provider. Meidi Electronics provides reverse logistics support that incorporates refurbishing to major electronics brands. Currently, Meidi maintains a remanufacturing facility in the city of Chino that is approximately 60000 ft2.


Meidi team has 50 professional remanufacturing workers with many years working experience. Among them, there are 30 technicians with an average working experience of more than 25 years. Meidi technician team can recovery all issues of TV, excepted panel broken. Other 20 workers have high experiencing of warehouse working which include sorting, testing, cleaning, packing and loading. Meidi team always has high efficiency, high quality, and strict requirements work flow.


The mission of Meidi Electronics is Maximize the residual value of remanufactured products for our customers through the services.

Meidi Electronics offers rework for any electronics equipments. The company’s comprehensive asset recovery program maximizes the value of retired electronics equipment. Meidi electronics is committed to providing the best total solution for our business partners. Presently, most of Meidi Electronics’ remanufactured products and big screen Tvs received from all over the United States. Once repaired, the remanufactured products are placed in the “remarketing & reselling program” which is designed to maximize the residual value of remanufactured goods for our customers through resale in domestic and international sales channels.